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Those in the know go to Bernie O. He is the camera tech of choice for most of our North American list members. Former Eclair men are hard to find. Good prices, good work, and all around good guy. What more could you ask for?

Ray Thomas [] to

Received my NPR...and it's great!!  The viewfinder now looks like an SRIII with its bright, lush image.  It's so much easier to focus now.  When I put on a lens and looked through it, I was really impressed.  And it feels wonderful to have all that extra room on the sides. 

Mark Morris [hard-working cameraman with a great eye :)]

He ate my tomatoes, drank my wine, and turned a botched ACL Super 16 into a camera that turned conventional wisdom on its ear.

Mark Bell


Sincere thanks for an absolutely superb job on modifying my EBM to Ultra16.

The Laserbrighten completely exceeded my expectations. The difference is even more profound than the side-by-side photo shown on your Webpage. Frankly, I can't believe the difference it made. I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

All the best,
Ron Wilson

You worked on my Beaulieu 4008ZMII a few months ago (sent in for motor repair and Laserbrighten). I finally had a chance to look at the first few rolls. I have no idea what you did to it, but whatever it was, congratulations. You are the only guy who was able to actually fix this thing! Works perfectly now. Thanks for the great repair job.

Fran Kuhn 

Thank you so much!!
You guys are like opening a door of warmth in the Arctic tundra of today's icy disembodied communication.
Hell yes. Put me on the fan mailer man---I'm with you for the long haul...

Bruce Gibbs

Got my cameras and man they're cleaner and quieter! The optics alone look better than they've ever been! Thanks! I'll be sending out one or two more identical cameras for servicing soon...
Richard Rivera

It's been a while since you worked on my LTR54. I don't know if you recall it or not. You had also looked over my lenses and set up/cleaned one of them I believe. I am in post on the film and the LTR shot (below). We framed for 2.35 and I tele'd to 1080p and it looks great. Several people think it's 35mm when they see it. The budget was under $200k but with the music that's being done right now and sound design, locations we had and the clean footagle, etc., most people will think I spent twice that.

Vince Sweeney

I received my Beaulieu 4008ZM II, and I am very pleased! I sent it in for an overhaul and some slight modifications, and you did a fantastic job all around. This thing is purring like a kitten! The lens is super sharp, the viewfinder is super bright and the gorundglass has never been cleaner! Oh, and I also love the new battery pack. I can't wait to run some film through it. I would recommend your services to anyone. I'll be talking to you soon about some other modifications I have in mind. Keep up the great work, and thanks again!

Dwayne Boyd

I received the laser etched ground glass from you this morning. I am pleased to let you know that everything I heard about the process is entirely true. I ran some video with the old ground glass in place and could barely recognize a thing at a 22. Then I put in the newly conditioned g.g. WOW! I am utterly impressed with the added light for my video tap and through the eyepiece. You told me that I would love it. I do. I will recommend the procedure to anyone who is interested in having it done.     

Christopher D. Pignotti, MC Operator

Bernie, Wanted to tell you again how great the camera worked out. Quiet, so damn quiet it was spooky.  Director (30 yrs. exp.) thinks it will easily pass for 35mm. Thanks again. 

Mark [Bell[ and Henry [Lindley]

I sent my ACL to Bernie for an overhaul, shutter change and ground glass laser brightening. He did a great job, is great to work with and is one of the only techs I feel I can trust to shoot me straight and not overcharge for the services. You can't go wrong with Bernie.

Mercer Richards

Personally, I have had nothing but the best experience in my dealings with Bernie O'Doherty. He did a great job on Laserbrightening my ACL II, and he installed the HD-144 Super 16 system for me. Top notch work, and very friendly guy to boot. And, he saved my butt when I ran into some technical trouble on a shoot. One phone call to him, and he solved our problem and saved the day. I would go to him for ACL work again in a second.

Carlo Besasie 

I sent my ACL to Bernie for a complete overhaul. My camera was a total basket case; it had been used by film students and had had a very hard life. I had purchased it off eBay with a bad motor and broken mirror. He installed a gold conversion kit to convert it to super 16, had the mirror resurfaced, ground glass replated for s16 and laserbrightened. Bernie also installed and quieted down the new Tobin system motor. (He has stated that the motor is now as quiet and is perhaps only 1db louder than the original.) I was in contact with him the whole process and sent parts back and forth for powder paint. He was always quick to get back to me and answer my questions. I have total trust in Bernie and feel that his work is top notch. He has always been more than fair with the cost involved. I would not hesitate to send him my equipment. He has become a friend and it is great to know that he will be there to stand behind his work!

Sean Casper

Hi Bernie. Your pitch adjustment was fantastic. Inside a barney the camera was totally silent. I had to put my ear right up to the lens to even know if it was running! Thanks! Also, the image in the finder looked great. Did you throw in a Laserbrighten???

Mark Sobel,




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